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Investors should be cautious of CBD oil products


CBD oil products

With the legalization of hemp in the US, the market has burgeoned with a surge in CBD products ranging from edible items to cosmetic and health care products. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a phytocannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) too produces cannabinoids, known as endocannbinoids which promotes homeostasis by regulating a wide range of functions, including motor skills, mood, appetite, and sleep. With age, however, the ECS produces fewer endocannabinoids and hence replenishing endocannabinoids with phytocannabinoids like CBD can restore balance to the body. CBD oil products are used to treat insomnia as CBD induces sleepiness and tranquility, treats anxiety disorders, epilepsy and diabetes. CBD oil products can be consumed in different forms such as ingested capsules and food products, vaporizing, tinctures and topical creams.

A cautionary approach to CBD oil products

Researchers caution buyers that even when the market is flooding with CBD oil products, consumers should think carefully before investing in cannabis. Clinicians point out that there have been few worthwhile human studies on the safety and efficacy of CBD products. While every claim made about the usefulness of CBD oil products might not be baseless fads, yet till today, researchers allege, no rigorous safety studies have been conducted on the full spectrum of CBD oil compounds obtained from the hemp plant.

CBD oil products

Further, the Farm Bill passed last year in the US legalizes the sale of hemp products and does not mandate that these products undergo clinical evaluations before release into the market. It allows all hemp products containing less than 0.3 per cent THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis) to enjoy legal protection under the new law. Only one CBD product, known as Epidolex, has earned the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so far. Hence, one must exercise caution before investing in cannabis.

Further, hemp is a bioaccumulator and absorbs toxins like pesticides from the atmosphere, which can end up resulting in CBD substances being detrimental to people’s health. Hence before investing in cannabis business, one must ensure that it practices organic growing methods, uses legitimate extraction techniques, and has its products tested for purity and potency through third-party labs.

CBD oil products

Apart from these loopholes in examination of CBD products, in many parts of the world the CBD industry often takes its customers for a ride. Lab test reports undertaken by several researchers has indicated that more than half of the most popular CBD oils sold do not contain the level of CBD promised on the label.

Although it is no news that CBD products induces good sleep and relaxes one’s mood, but before blindly reposing faith on the benefits of CBD products, one must engage a cautionary approach. One thing is for certain though; decades of pointless prohibition based on moral arguments have prevented proper medical research that could have aided in providing a clear perspective on the pros and cons of resorting to CBD products for medicinal, recreational and other healthcare benefits.

The Looming Problem for the Cannabis Edibles Market

cannabis edibles

The cannabis edibles market has been developing quickly for quite a long time. Numerous people are uncomfortable with smoking, so edibles investors give the ideal passage point into the cannabis market.

To get a thought of the fast development rate in the cannabis edibles market, consider Colorado where edibles deals expanded by 67% between February 2016 and February 2017. Another model is California where, as indicated by Arcview Market Research, the level of cannabis-mixed nourishments and beverages bought in 2017 represented 10% of the state’s all-out cannabis investors’ deals. Only two months after the fact, in February 2018, the rate soared to 18%.

The uplifting news for the cannabis edibles market is that there is across the board and developing cannabis investors’ interest in cannabis-imbued items. GreensData described in its research of April 2018 that edibles were the most acquired kind of cannabis items among customers during the year before the study being led. Edibles were additionally the second most favored utilization strategy in all age groups.

In view of the majority of this information from purchaser and sale inquire about, you would think that the cannabis market would be balanced for dangerous development with all edibles organizations profiting. Tragically, that is not by any stretch of the imagination valid as there are three major issues looming for the edibles market that can impede development and rivalry while profiting the black market simultaneously. So, here are those major problems are discussed that are being loomed for the Cannabis Edibles market:

  1. Legalization and Regulations

For some Cannabis investors and organizations, the possibility of cannabis authorization is viewed with energy. Numerous Cannabis investors and entrepreneurs creating imaginative edibles items regularly figure authorization will give them chances to get their items to more individuals, and thus, their benefits will increment and their organizations will almost certainly develop. Tragically, that is not the truth of authorization in states where grown-up use is permitted. For instance, recreational pot wound up lawful in California on January 2018. Quick forward a half year and numerous little edibles organizations have shut or will close soon. The issue with authorization for entrepreneurs is the difficult requirements that accompanied related regulations.

cannabis edibles

In California, new legalization influence where Cannabis investors or manufacturers can work from. Numerous towns and areas don’t permit edibles creation by any means, or they zone an extremely little region for these organizations. With diminished rental space supply, costs are falsely swelled. For edibles processors who previously worked on thin edges, over the top lease can make it difficult to work together. With the addition of high costs to get the correct licenses and the failure to get a bank or government advances to begin a marijuana-related business, and it’s not hard to comprehend why private ventures can’t contend in the edibles market after legitimization dependent on the current administrative condition.

  1. Taxes

High expenses aren’t another thing in the cannabis business, yet in numerous states, the charges Cannabis investors or manufacturers need to pay drive independent companies as well as bigger, built up organizations out of the market. Since high charges on organizations consistently stream down to buyers as more expensive rates, current duty structures confine industry development as well as push customers to the black market where costs are altogether lower.

This is what’s going on in California where sanctioning brought considerably more charges to cannabis edibles organizations. Lawful cannabis expenses can aggregate somewhere in the range from 22.25 percent to 46.25 percent when you include state excise tax, state sales tax, local excise tax and local sales tax.

  1. Big Corporations
cannabis edibles

Given the legalization, regulations and tax structure cannabis edibles organizations face in numerous states, which make it incredibly hard for private ventures and even medium-size organizations to compete. At the point when that occurs, the market will most likely change. Few crafts edibles processors will keep it together, however, the remainder of the cannabis edibles accessible to buyers could turn out to be totally commoditized.

As of now, we’ve seen huge organizations communicating enthusiasm for the cannabis-imbued beverages and edibles market. As we shared on Cannabis Business Executive not long ago, on October 2017, Constellation Brands, which owns Pacifico, Corona, and Modela, procured a 9.9% stake in Canada’s Canopy Growth Corporation. The organization intends to dispatch cannabis-based drinks sooner rather than later. Heineken owns Lagunitas Brewing of California and its line of cannabis-implanted beers, while beverages examiners list Molson Coors Brewing Co., Anheuser-Bush InBev NV among the worldwide companies considering entering the cannabis-implanted drink market.

It’s not simply liquor organizations that are peering toward the cannabis edibles market. While some huge companies keep on maintaining a strategic distance from the cannabis market completely since marijuana is as yet illegal at the government level, the profit potential is difficult to stand up to. We can hope to see all the more enormous organizations discovering approaches to enter this market in the future.

The Rising Cost of Doing Business in the Cannabis Edibles Market

cannabis edibles

As we’ve have discussed that in California and Colorado, regulations, legitimization taxes, and the section of huge organizations into the business can negatively affect rivalry, pricing, and advancement in the cannabis edibles market. A report by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, California: The Golden Opportunity, uncovered that regulation, legitimization, and taxes in California make a 77% impairment for cannabis organizations contrasted with costs operating at a profit showcase. In this case, it becomes quite difficult for small organizations to compete.

cannabis investors

While regulations are basic to guarantee exact dosing and predictable assembling forms, the expansive influence of these taxes and regulations will decrease rivalry after some time, and that is never something worth being thankful for any market.

So, in order to succeed in the Cannabis Edibles market and overcome all the problems, it is necessary for the Cannabis investors and manufacturers to find out the opportunities in the market and go for the innovations that can bring your business to some other level where you can easily deal with such problems and make better profit in the Cannabis Edibles market.

The Global Cannabis Edibles Market

cannabis edibles

Cannabis is one of the highly used products these days. There are tons of fields in which Cannabis edibles is being used. from cosmetics to medicines, every field is covered by Cannabis.

The main reason behind its popularity and high consumption is its benefits. The range of its advantages is quite wide that it can fit this substance to any field to think about. This is the reason that lots of well-known companies utilize Cannabis edibles in their products due to which the global Cannabis edibles market is been growing gradually.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the world-famous companies that are doing great business in the global market and uses Cannabis edibles or any other source of Cannabis in their products.

  1. Koios Beverage Corporation
    Koios beverage corporation is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange. It has declared in the recent previous days that they have the world’s first cannabis injected nootropic drink and they are going to launch it in the next few months. The new item will be a coordinated effort with the Company’s partner Keef Brands and Koios’ that entirely possessed subsidiary Cannavated Beverage Corporation. Cannavated was framed explicitly to permit the nootropic formula to different organizations working in the zone of cannabis-infused drinks.
    Keef Brands will make, market and sell a line of drinks that are mixed with THC, yet in addition contain the nootropic supplements from the Koios line of mind upgrading useful refreshments. The subsequent item will be the first on the planet to join cannabis implantation with nootropic supplements that upgrade the buyer’s psychological sharpness.
    Keef Brands has the elite rights to the Colorado nootropic formula, with the choice of growing the authorizing understanding all through the US. This gave it goes along all guidelines in the business sectors where cannabis has been made lawful.
    Well, the gross benefits from sales will be in between Cannavated and Keef Brands after computing the general Cost of Goods Sold. The non-carbonated cannabis drink will be high in cannabidiol yet will contain THC, which is the psychoactive fixing in the cannabis plant. This underlying item will contain four sections CBD to one section THC, with 20 milligrams of THC in a 12-ounce can.
    This partnership will allow both companies to offer an energizing and exceptionally interesting item to the cannabis market. Since Cannavated is a market chief in the territory of brain upgrading and nootropic refreshments, so the customers will get the great mixture by which Cannabis market will grow higher.
  2. The Supreme Cannabis Company
    It is another Canadian traded organization focused on giving premium brands and items that gladly mirror its purchasers, individuals, and extraordinarily imaginative culture. The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. as of late reported that the Company’s entirely claimed subsidiary has gone into a supply consent to giving dried cannabis to Tilray Canada Ltd., which is a backup of Tilray Inc. The estimation of this underlying supply understanding is evaluated to be in abundance of CAD 2 Million. Dried cannabis gave to Tilray by 7ACRES will be utilized basically to help therapeutic cannabis patients in Canada, including Tilray’s hearty patient populace. They both are satisfied to go into this concurrence with Tilray. As one of Canada’s initially authorized makers, Tilray has been an industry chief in patient administrations and quality assurance. They accept this understanding shows the nature of the 7ACRES dried bloom, and the foundation, the board, and system that help their image situating.
  3. Cannabis Sativa, Inc.
    This company is occupied with the permitting of cannabis-related intellectual property, promoting and branding for cannabis-based items, the task of cannabis-related innovation services, and subsidiary business exercises. Cannabis Sativa, Inc. recently reported that it is right now giving on the web restorative marijuana proposals to Pennsylvania occupants through its HIPPA consistent confided in online suggestion platform. In this way, they resolved to serve patients in Pennsylvania with the uprightness that they have shown in Nevada, California, and New York.
  4. General Cannabis Corp.
    This company is the exhaustive national asset for the most high-quality organizations accessible to the directed cannabis industry. As the legal cannabis industry develops all through the United States, the industry’s driving specialist organization, General Cannabis Corp. as recently reported that it is growing its essence on the East Coast with the opening of a New York office. The New York office gives General Cannabis a vital area to more readily serve existing East Coast customers while additionally pulling in new ability and associations as the cannabis market in the eastern U.S. keeps on creating. Further, the opening of the New York office gives a center to current customers searching for East Coast development openings.
    Given their developing rundown of East Coast customers and the means that states like Massachusetts and New Jersey have taken toward propelling grown-up use sales, this is the perfect time for General Cannabis to further put and build up itself in the area. The development potential for the market in this area is unmatched. An East Coast office is consummately fit to take into account this region as General Cannabis keeps on extending its quality across the country.
  5. Organigram Holdings Inc.
cannabis edibles

This company is a TSX Venture Exchange listed organization whose entirely claimed subsidiary is an authorized maker of medicinal pot in Canada. Recently, the Company and Canopy Growth Corporation declared that following Organigram’s endorsement as a cannabis provider in the Province of Labrador and Newfoundland, the Companies have branded a two-year distribution agreement and supply. Organigram turned into a key provider of branded cannabis items in Labrador and Newfoundland when the adult recreational cannabis was legalized on 17th of October, 2018. Overhang Growth likewise played out a business-to-business deals work for Organigram by advertising its portfolio to other authorized retail outlets in Labrador and Newfoundland.

cannabis edibles

Well, above has described some of the companies and their plans related the Cannabis utilization. These statistics highly demonstrate that the global Cannabis Edibles market has been grown speedily in past days and it will grow more effectively in the future.

Stocks That Benefit if New Jersey Marijuana Becomes Legal

nj marijuana dispensary

Cannabis industry is rapidly expanding in the U.S. as more and more states are legalizing medical and even recreational marijuana use. New Jersey is one of the states that has shown an interest in legalizing cannabis. The legislators, governor, as well as residents of New Jersey appear to favor the idea of legalizing adult-use cannabis. So, it’s only a matter of time before marijuana is legalized in the Garden State, creating opportunities for marijuana companies.

The legalization will surely create several opportunities for cannabis stocks. Following are some of the stocks that are going to benefit the most, hence making them best buys today:

Canopy Growth Corp

Canopy Growth Corp will surely benefit from the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. With the legalization, Canopy Growth Corp is betting on its deal with Acreage Holdings to go through. Once the deal is finalized, Canopy Growth Corp will become one of the top marijuana companies in U.S. and worldwide. With more operations and resources to take advantage of, their stocks will rival some of the major multi-state operators in the country.

Canopy Growth Corp is building on its capacity to manufacture marijuana. However, the current New Jersey market offers limited growth, that’s why Canopy Growth Corp and many other marijuana companies are looking across the globe for more growth opportunities. Once the New Jersey market opens for business however, Canopy Growth Corp is going to take advantage of it to strengthen its position.

Charlotte’s Web

nj marijuana dispensary

Charlotte’s Web is another company with a big presence in the United States in the legal marijuana market. The company will have to play by the same rules as Canopy Growth Corp because it is listed on the TSX. However, it could begin selling CBD products that are not derived from hemp in the states that have legalized it, that wouldn’t be in compliance with the TSX and would conflict with federal laws.

However, since Charlotte’s Web already has numerous retail locations across the country – you are likely to find NJ marijuana dispensary from the company as well – the company will benefit a lot from the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. This is mainly because the company already has a big head start in developing and building a brand. Not to mention the company will also have a lot of time to build trust with consumers which is extremely important when it comes to medical marijuana.


TerrAscend is another company that could benefit from marijuana legalization in New Jersey. Even though the company has its roots in Canada, it has 6 vertically integrated licenses in New Jersey as well. In fact, NJ Health Department received about 146 applications for the 6 licenses and NETA (subsidiary of TerrAscend) scored the highest among all of them. Thanks to this license, the company will be able to freely process, cultivate, as well as sell marijuana from its own NJ marijuana dispensary within the Garden State. The benefits that TerrAscend will receive will be substantial when marijuana becomes legal in New Jersey.

Trulieve Cannabis Corp

nj marijuana dispensary

Unlike the above-mentioned companies, Trulieve Cannabis Corp is listed on CSE, which means it can expand to any states that have legalized marijuana. Trulieve Cannabis Corp is a multi-state operator that has strong presence in Florida and they are expanding to other states like Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

Since Trulieve Cannabis Corp is listed on CSE, it can benefit heavily from marijuana legalization in New Jersey because it can establish a presence in the state well before the TSX-listed stocks. So, it basically has a head start on future competition. Once marijuana is legalized in NJ, Trulieve Cannabis Corp will probably switch over to TSX and NYSE. For now, the company continues to grow its brand while staying on the CSE.

Curaleaf Holdings

nj marijuana dispensary

Curaleaf Holdings is another company that has strong presence in the country with 35 dispensaries, including NJ marijuana dispensary, 10 processing facilities, and dozens of cannabis cultivation farms. Most of the company’s dispensaries are situated in Florida, but they have big plans for establishing in New Jersey too as they are currently developing a 2-acre greenhouse facility in the state.

As the federal government doesn’t allow the interstate transport of marijuana, it’s important for marijuana companies like Curaleaf Holdings to establish their operations in the same states in which they run their dispensaries. This allows Curaleaf Holdings to have complete control of its supply chain and the quality of products sold on its retail stores like NJ marijuana dispensary.

Massive Expansion for NJ Marijuana Dispensaries

nj marijuana dispensary

New Jersey might not have been able to legalize marijuana as promised this year, however, the state took some key steps to increase the accessibility of medical marijuana to thousands of residents. Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill on July 2 expanding the medical marijuana program of the state into law.

The bill opens up many possibilities. It is expected to make it possible for numerous medical marijuana providers to open in the state, increase the amount of cannabis (e.g. cannabis edibles) that patients can buy, as well as lower the number of times patients need to visit a doctor to qualify. The bill is particularly a great news for any NJ marijuana dispensary as dispensaries will become more functional and capable of satisfying the needs of New Jersey’s cannabis consumers.

The Family Behind NJ Medical Marijuana Expansion

Jake Honig, a 7-year old boy who battled with cancer and passed away in 2018, was the namesake of the act that is signed by Gov. Murphy to make certain changes in the marijuana program. The major catalyst in getting the medical marijuana expansion through the legislature was the tale of the relief Honig found from marijuana during his cancer treatment.

Parents of Jake, Janet and Michael Honig, joined the governor, press, as well as other advocates at one of the favorite restaurants of Jake to usher in the new era of medical marijuana in NJ since the bill took effect instantly.

Murphy said in the recent years that many individuals had come to a new understanding on how cannabis can help patients. Thanks to this knowledge, both laws and minds have been changed. The bill crucial to the success of NJ marijuana dispensary as well as other aspects of the medical cannabis and cannabis edibles industry comes after the failure of the months-long effort to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey.

Big Changes

nj marijuana dispensary

The measure makes several big changes. These include the following:
• It increases the limit that can be dispensed from 2-3 ounces for 18 months once the law becomes effective.
• To regulate the cannabis edibles and cannabis in general, the measure sets up a five-member commission, hence taking oversight of the program from the Health Department.
• The law also expands the number of cultivators to 28. At the moment, the state is working towards increasing the number of alternative treatment centers from 6 to 12.
• The law sets up three new categories of licenses as well, including dispensaries, manufacturers, and cultivators. At the moment, there is only one permit allowing alternative treatment centers that covers these categories.
• It permits advanced practice nurses and physician assistants to authorize medical marijuana. Previously, only doctors were authorized to prescribe it.
• The law lowers the threshold from debilitating illnesses to ‘qualifying’ illnesses. As a result, it will become easier for the health care officials to prescribe the drug. The illnesses include cancer, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder, intractable skeletal muscular spasticity, seizure disorder, as well as opioid-use disorder and chronic pain. Other illnesses are also expected to be added.
• It boosts the supply of a medical cannabis patient from 90 days to one year. Furthermore, it also allows for home delivery to patients.

The new rules are designed to make the program more functional for NJ marijuana dispensary, health care officials, as well as help meet the needs of patients.

What Do These Changes Mean for the Cannabis Industry?

Since there are a number of significant changes introduced, this will affect the medical cannabis program of NJ with far-reaching consequences. These changes set a flurry of activity in motion by making the program accessible to many more patients.

Existing dispensaries in New Jersey will gear up for the exploration of new patients. And since the diagnoses of these patients are covered by the expanded program, they will besiege their doctors for prescriptions. Dispensaries will surely increase their sales and cultivation functions, hiring more employees to handle the additional business.

nj marijuana dispensary

Suppliers in the industry will also benefit from the changes. They can expect new orders to handle the increased demand of medical cannabis. And let’s not forget the entrepreneurs who couldn’t get medical cannabis licenses until now due to strict limitations under the old program. They will surely have a better luck now.

Gov. Murphy indicated that more changes to the NJ medical cannabis program are still ahead and all of this is independent of the recreational cannabis program that is working its way through the assembly. So, fasten your seatbelts as it’s going to be a wild ride!

Legalizing marijuana in New Jersey could change the cannabis market worldwide

nj marijuana dispensaries

In the past few years, marijuana has gained incessant popularity among the common mass because of its medicinal properties that heal ailments like arthritis, asthma, anxiety and the intolerable pain accompanying cancer. This new found boon has led to the legalization of marijuana in a lot of countries and states, but New Jersey is still to receive its share of the privilege. However, this has not been able to keep away the companies and dispensaries from investing in the marijuana business, rather, the market is predicted to take a turn to 20 billion dollars by the year 2020. Getting a whole marijuana industry started is not as easy as it sounds, because of the several thoughts starting from a suitable area to produce and cultivate it to the process of distribution and the amount of THC that should be introduced to the CBD edibles, that goes into it.

nj marijuana dispensaries

With the escalating legalizing of medicinal marijuana in America, the CBD and CBD edibles dealers have shown enthusiasm to bring their business to the East coast of the country and especially New Jersey. Legalizing marijuana in New Jersey can change the face of cannabis market for a lot of reasons, first of which is because the city has the highest taxes attached to property so, the profit borne by the economic release by the NJ marijuana dispensaries and companies will be unbound. Secondary, the state had a lot of pending cases concerning its social prohibition; but the state has produced innumerable ways in which the prosecution and enforcement of the laws were enabled.

nj marijuana dispensaries

Thirdly, with the country’s proper board of executives overlooking the cannabis and CBD edibles market, the whole process of regulation will be much more efficient. Also, New Jersey will become one of those countries where the process of legalizing marijuana will be brought about by the regulation through legislation. Besides, New Jersey as country is developed in medical sciences with a lot of schools and researchers constantly trying to find out the scope of marijuana that will help the NJ marijuana dispensaries to constantly bring in innovations in their supply thus increasing the demand and expanding the market. Fourthly, the country has a voluminous population, so the diversity of the market required for growth is matched because the number of adult marijuana users for their health benefits are more than the teenagers who lack the etiquettes of proper usage of marijuana.

The market structure in New Jersey is quite different from that of the other states; the number of CBD and CBD edibles customers here are more from the group of people that are actually going through any illness and looking forward to relieve the accompanying pain which in turn helps to keep away the young consumers whose only aim is to get stoned using marijuana.

The bottom line of this discussion lies in the fact that, New Jersey as a state will catalyze the impeccable locations that it has and capitalize Liberty State park providing the NJ marijuana dispensaries to sell and reach out to their customers with marijuana and CBD edibles with greater ease.

Investing in Cannabis Edibles

If we look at the stats, the cannabis industry is expected to rise in the coming years by a great extent. Just the cannabis edibles may take up $4 billion worth by the end of the year 2022. These stats are focused on the Canadian and US market; if we look at the global market, it may even rise higher.

The chances are that you have tried many unique flavors of cannabis edibles and are now planning for something big in this industry. Well, if you have that investor like mindset, you are on the right platform. Here we are going to talk about investing in cannabis edibles to make huge returns in the near future. As this market is expected to grow by a large extent in the coming years; investors can also ensure great benefits with this boom.

Things to know about investing in cannabis edibles:

A few years ago, the concept of cannabis edibles was totally new, and the market was loaded with the foul-tasting pot brownies, cannabis crackers, and melted peanut butter. But the scenario has changed these days and there is a wide range of edibles that you can find at different corners of the world. It is even possible to buy them in different size ranges, multiple shapes and numbers of varieties as well. The list includes infused dark chocolates, pomegranate flavored mints, organic cannabis-infused teas, honey mustard pretzels, and cheddar popcorns as well.

There is no doubt to say that many big brands are playing a considerable role in the growth of the cannabis industry. But one cannot invest in all of them. It is better to select the most profitable stocks in the market and then start making profits by investing in cannabis. One of the most widely growing cannabis edibles brand in the market these days is Plus Products (OTCBB: PLPRF). As per stats, it secured the top position among cannabis-infused edibles in the year 2018 and is showing considerable rise in prices in 2019 as well. The company is also working in the direction of topicals, edibles, vaporizers, and flowers as well. When you are interested in making more profit in lesser time; Plus Products can be the best choice for your needs.

Second major option in the market these days is Dixie Brands (OTCBB: DXBRF). It is known for its revenue-generating portfolio that ensures great returns for the investors. This multi-state operator brand has marked its footprints in Nevada, Maryland, Colorado, and California as well. These experts also announced a joint venture by paring up with Khiron Life Sciences (OTCBB: KHRNF), and it is responsible for selling cannabis edibles in the American market.

Cannabis investing

There is no doubt to say that Plus Products and Dixie Brands are the biggest names in the cannabis edibles market; however, few other companies are also making efforts to provide great investment opportunities to the rising investors. The idea is to develop a solid investment strategy that can help you ensure long term profits with quadruple-digit gains.

CBD Stocks To Invest In

Stats reveal that by the end of 2022, legal marijuana spending is expected to rise by from 23.0% to 31.3% billion. Note that, as per BDS Analytics, it was limited to $9.5 billion in the year 2017. The surprising fact is that $23.4 billion is the estimate just for the U.S. only; however, many other states around are still working towards legalization of marijuana.

At present, most of the investors are interested in making profits through marijuana stocks. Both popular exchanges, Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange, obtained their first-ever cannabis company listing in the year 2018. Now, many other platforms are also offering marijuana investment opportunities. However, for beginners, it might be quite difficult to choose stocks for investment. Well, if you are interested in making money through this industry, we advise you to go through the list below.

Best CBD companies to invest in the year 2019:

It is good to invest in plant touching companies so that you can make considerable profits from medical marijuana business industry. Below we have highlighted a few CBD stocks that you can think of investing:

Canopy Growth Corp.

Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC) is the first most Canadian Marijuana Company, and it is widely popular around the world. This publicly traded weed company operates on several brands; they produce and market both recreational and medical strains. Tweed is currently the most widely traded brand of this company.

CBD Stocks

Aurora Cannabis Inc.
Here is another big giant in the industry, better known as Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACI). By the month of March, they even reached on the top by acquiring the highest deal till date; it was worth $250 million from MedReleaf. As per the stats provided in the recent press release, Aurora and MedReleaf in combination are working to produce around 570,000 KG cannabis per year via nine facilities within Canada and two more in Denmark. This stock arrived on the Canadian Venture Stock Exchange by October 2016.

Cronos Group Inc.
Cronos Group is a well-known medical marijuana cultivator in Toronto; its market is not just limited to Canada; rather, Cronos has now expanded its business to the large international market. They are currently serving products to Australia, Germany, and Israel as well. Note that, they are not serving buyers in the US due to some uncertainty involved in regulations. During the fiscal year 2018, they generated huge revenue of $7.3 million.

CBD Stocks

Terra Tech Corp:
Terra Tech is a highly diversified agricultural company working for dispensing and production of medical marijuana. Their own brand is widely popular in the market with name IVXX; however, the cultivation activities work under the Edible Gardens brand name. They are currently also working for the retail of medical marijuana. As per the latest reports, this company declared the revenue of $8.6 million in the year 2018.
Other than this, you can think of investing in AbbVie, GW Pharmaceuticals, Cara Therapeutics, Axim Biotechnologies, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, KushCo Holdings, GrowGeneration Corp, General Cannabis Corp, mCig Inc, Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. and many more.

Investing the Healthcare Sector

In recent years, healthcare has been a very productive sector for investors, providing not only yield, but also growth, all at a fair price. The healthcare sector presents a lot of opportunities for investors which need to be extensively analyzed to deliver long-term, sustainable returns.

Healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical groups are benefiting from big trends that can fuel returns for investors who have the skill and experience to decipher the complex forces that shape the sector.

Three Big Trends

Healthcare Investing

In healthcare sector, there are three big forces today that are stimulating change. These include innovation, policy, and pricing structures. However, these dynamics often clash, complicating the investment outlook for a company or product. Regardless of these challenges, there are ways to make educated judgements across the industry that can lead investors to solid sources of investment returns and profitability.

Avoiding a common fallacy is the first step. Don’t make predictions regarding drug trials. No one can reliably forecast drug-test results, not even the world’s best scientists. So, there is no reason why investors should gamble. That’s why it is recommended that you have a clear idea regarding how pricing, innovation, and policy dynamics could affect the growth rate and profitability of a company.

Medical Innovation

For decades, scientific innovation has supported healthcare advances. However, in many different ways, the technological revolution and innovation in this industry is still in its infancy. Anyone interested in investing in this sector needs to look beyond biotechnology or cutting-edge equipment in order to understand how innovation will reshape the healthcare industry. For instance, while the utilization of big data is still quite limited in the development of the pharmaceutical sector, given time, it has the potential to become an important tool in improving the efficiency of drug trials.

New technological developments will impact different areas. Robotics have already been proven to be useful, especially in changing surgical procedures. Treatments for cardiovascular disorders and Alzheimer’s disease will help fight the economic and physical costs of demographic change. The development of solutions to old issues from a mere cough to cancer is just a matter of time.

Pricing Disruption

While technological innovations and revolutions have their advantages, they don’t always make economic sense. If you want to measure the earning potential of a company, you will need to understand how pricing points are determined for a new service or product.

Pricing and innovation have an interesting relationship in the healthcare sector. In technology, everyone knows that innovation is the key that pushes down costs and drives performance improvements exponentially. In healthcare however, innovation tends to drive prices up. For instance, two decades ago, cancer patients paid about a few hundred dollars for chemotherapy and success was limited. Nowadays, some chemotherapy treatments have a high chance of curing cancer with very few side effects, but at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

In most cases, as an investor, you must ask whether the prices are realistic. Some companies provide certain offers such as a discount prescription card while others have high-priced products and services. While high-priced services and products may compliment the margins and earnings of a company, they could prove to be a weakness if policy decisions or market dynamics force the price down.

Policy Dynamics

The success and failure of a business also depend on the government policies about healthcare. Healthcare spending per capita varies drastically from one country to another, and the quality provided does not always reflect the price paid. For instance, United States spends more on healthcare sector than virtually any other country in the world, yet Germany and UK rank higher when it comes to the quality of healthcare provided, even though they both spend much less.

Policy decisions determine which treatments and costs are covered. In this way, they can make the difference between life and death. Around the globe, there is a strain of rising costs on healthcare systems, and workers are responsible for meeting even more costs of healthcare. At the same time, emerging economics demands are growing. Because of this, spending is likely to increase in an attempt to improve the healthcare quality. These trends will redesign price points for services, technology, and treatments.

Final Word

Given the huge demographic tailwinds that push up healthcare spending, the healthcare industry provides great theoretical returns. However, choosing the right healthcare stocks can be very difficult, especially if you are new to this sector. It is recommended that you consider the above-mentioned trends when making a decision. Getting invested is the most important step that you can take. Healthcare has a long way ahead of it, so don’t let the complexity of investing in this sector prevent you from taking advantage of that great opportunity.

Best Expos for Investors

Love it or hate it, conferences and events are often where newcomers who are still learning how to invest as well as experts who have years of experience in the world of investment meet to decide the future of the specific industry e.g. technology, real estate, finance, etc. depending on the expo. Following are several worthwhile expos for investors that you might want to consider attending:


The 2018 expo of AREC was considered its “best one yet”, so there are a lot of expectations from AREC’s 2019 conference. It is a real estate conference that will take place on June 2-3 at Australia’s Golden Coast and thousands of real estate professionals and investors will be attending it from all over the world. Attend this expo to network with global investors, learn about the innovations and newest industry strategies, and hear inspiring stories.

London Tech Week

Taking place from June 10th to June 14th in London, London Tech Week is an international expo that connects communities from all over the world to address how access to tech for all can have a deep positive impact in business and society. This week-long investing expo will see a wealth of talent flood the capital, with several different events across the city. London Tech Week is a great opportunity for investors to learn about the new trends, learn how to invest, investment opportunities, and more.

The Conference

Taking place in Malmo on August 27th-28th, The Conference is a two-day expo where talented and curious minds from all over the globe meet to delve further into the pitfalls and promises of the digital development. Through the primary themes – new technology, human behavior, and “how to make things happen” – this investing expo looks to explore, dissect, and discuss ways forward.

Expo Real

Expo Real is the largest investment and real estate trade fair in Europe. All the factors in the real estate and investment factors will participate in the event – from sellers and marketers to investors and designers. In 2018, this expo had over 2000 exhibitions from 41 counties and investors and experts from 72 countries participated. Expo Real offers great content to their participants, and as an investor, it is highly recommended that you join them on October 7-9 in Munich.

Property Portal Madrid

Property Portal Madrid is going to be the 26th event of Property Portal Watch. It will take place in the Spanish capital on November 12-15. This investing expo will be made up of the main MasterClass and Conference where CEOs, executives, and investors from the property portal sectors come together to discuss the industry’ future among other important things. So, you have a great opportunity to interact with the industry leaders, gain insights into the real estate industry, learn how to invest, form valuable connections, and learn about the future of property portals.


MIPIM PropTech tech and real estate event is organized by MIPIM and MetaProp NYC. This expo will bring together real estate experts and investors from all sectors to build the future of real estate and take the industry to the next level. It will take place on November 12-13.

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