Whether you are new to wine drinking, are a wine enthusiast, or a wine connoisseur, there’s no debate about it, the world of wine is mysterious, intimidating, and overwhelming. When you set foot into the wine section at your local wine shop, finding the best wine is often a difficult task even for those who are experts in the field. Not only is this because the selection of available wines is massive but it’s also because a lot of tasting, testing, and swishing goes into finding the best wine. Although most individuals are introduced to wine through recommendations, the best selection is based on your personal preferences. Luckily, for those who want to broaden their wine drinking horizons or want to remember that perfect wine they had at a dinner event two months ago, can now use a mobile application to do so. Simply download the app of your choice from the list below and enjoy finding the best wine on the market.

  1. Delectable: not only does Delectable have some of the best wine label recognition software available on the market, it is a free application. That means you can download the app on your iPhone and Android, free of charge and immediately enter into the world of wine ratings, reviews, and tasting notes. When you scan a label, you’re going to get the grape variety, region, price, and wine name back. Beyond label scanning, Delectable allows all users to keep a wine journal, allowing you to remember which ones you love the most and what your tasting notes are. However, one of its best features is that it functions as a discovery tool, allowing users to see the news feeds of winemakers, sommeliers, and curated lists of top vintage wines with pairings.

  2. Vivino Wine Scanner: similar to Delectable, Vivino Wine Scanner is another wine companion application that has a photo label recognition system. If for some reason the application cannot identify the label, the wine experts behind Vivino will manually verify it for you. Beyond this, you can see reviews, ratings, tasting notes, and get recommendations on what to buy and where the wine is available nearby. What makes it a bit different than Delectable is that it has over eight million labels in its database, will kickback detailed wine information pages, and has consumer-based categories in its discovery section. Plus, you can scan the wine list from a restaurant and get ratings and information, so you know what you are buying every single time.
  3. Hello Vino: is very similar to other applications on the market but is aimed towards the casual, everyday shopper. It has a label scanner, a personal wine journal, and food pairing recommendations based on your general taste preferences. You can download the app for free, but there is a pro version available if you want to consult a live wine expert for buying recommendations.

  4. Wine Ring: uses your preferences and ratings to build you a customized recommendation list. You are able to take photographs of the wines you have tasted and then rate them as so-so, disliked, liked, and loved. Beyond this, you can look up wines based on pairings, keep a journal of your favourite wines, and see preferences based on other individuals’ profiles. You can download the application for free on IOS and Android. 
  5. Wine Searcher: although originally conceptualized as a website, Wine Searcher is now also a mobile application. When you download the app, you can see thousands of merchants. It is an amazing reference tool for comparing the prices of wine, beer, and spirits. Plus, you can navigate to the nearest destination where it is available to buy. The only issue with it is that its label identification isn’t nearly as good as other applications on the market. It does have extra features like GPS location, pricing, a personal wine journal, and removes search limits.

So the next time you head to a fancy bar for a sit-down dinner, choose to host a home party, or want to pick up a wine at your local shop, take one of these companion applications with you. Not only will it demystify what you are buying, but it can even help you find some of the best wines available on the market based on what you personally love.