Everything about San Francisco is mesmerizing. From tourist’s locations to the food courts you will fall in love with everything. The most amazing thing about San Francisco is the lively nightlife and delicious drinks. Here you will find such amazing combinations that might be hard to get anywhere else.

It would not be wrong to say that you should visit every bar in San Francisco before you die. However, in order to make the process easy for you here, we have the top bars that you should never miss. So get your ID’s out and be ready to enjoy the real nightlife for once.

The Saratoga

In the historic Saratoga hotel, you will find this two-storey bar. The most mesmerizing thing about the place is the interior. The studded leather seats and the fine interior design will make you feel like you are in a den. They have given unique names to their drinks and it seems like these are the lost spirits that you select to drink. There are more than 800 drinks available on the menu.


The biggest attraction of ABV is that till 1 am you can enjoy delicious snacks with the drinks. However, you will forget everything about the snacks that you have ordered when you will take the first sip of the drink that has been served. At ABV they use a special combination of drinks

  • Whiskey

  • Rum

  • Brandy

  • Gin/vodka

  • Agave

You can order the one that you like the most


blackbird is famous as the neighborhood bar. The reason is that it is located in the central area of the town and you will surely find a reason to stop by the bar and enjoy one of the delicious drinks that is available on the menu. Do not forget to check out their latest art show or play different games in the bar.

Bar Agricole

If you are a fan of cocktail, Bar Agricole should be your next stop. Here you will find such an amazing variety of cocktails that you would like to sit and try each one of them. The best thing about the drinks is the unique name and combination that make Agricole one of the best bars in San Francisco by the bar review. When you will take the first sip it would feel like you have come to a different world. Some famous drinks you should try are

  • Tequila Daisy

  • Scotch Sour

  • Rye Gin Old Fashioned

Smuggler’s Cove

At the bar, you will find three levels of sensory overload and every drink you select will surprise you. At Smuggler’s Cove, there are 55 types of rums available on the shelf and just imagine how many other varieties of drinks you can enjoy.

Bottom line

The reason bars in San Francisco are so famous is because they always use the fresh ingredients for making their drinks. They have special techniques that bring out the unique flavor in every drink. Their special drink making tricks is the reason that they never have to use blenders or other machines for the purpose. Most of the drinks in the bars are prepared by hands and make sure that you enjoy the live show when your drink is being made.