Love it or hate it, conferences and events are often where newcomers who are still learning how to invest as well as experts who have years of experience in the world of investment meet to decide the future of the specific industry e.g. technology, real estate, finance, etc. depending on the expo. Following are several worthwhile expos for investors that you might want to consider attending:


The 2018 expo of AREC was considered its “best one yet”, so there are a lot of expectations from AREC’s 2019 conference. It is a real estate conference that will take place on June 2-3 at Australia’s Golden Coast and thousands of real estate professionals and investors will be attending it from all over the world. Attend this expo to network with global investors, learn about the innovations and newest industry strategies, and hear inspiring stories.

London Tech Week

Taking place from June 10th to June 14th in London, London Tech Week is an international expo that connects communities from all over the world to address how access to tech for all can have a deep positive impact in business and society. This week-long investing expo will see a wealth of talent flood the capital, with several different events across the city. London Tech Week is a great opportunity for investors to learn about the new trends, learn how to invest, investment opportunities, and more.

The Conference

Taking place in Malmo on August 27th-28th, The Conference is a two-day expo where talented and curious minds from all over the globe meet to delve further into the pitfalls and promises of the digital development. Through the primary themes – new technology, human behavior, and “how to make things happen” – this investing expo looks to explore, dissect, and discuss ways forward.

Expo Real

Expo Real is the largest investment and real estate trade fair in Europe. All the factors in the real estate and investment factors will participate in the event – from sellers and marketers to investors and designers. In 2018, this expo had over 2000 exhibitions from 41 counties and investors and experts from 72 countries participated. Expo Real offers great content to their participants, and as an investor, it is highly recommended that you join them on October 7-9 in Munich.

Property Portal Madrid

Property Portal Madrid is going to be the 26th event of Property Portal Watch. It will take place in the Spanish capital on November 12-15. This investing expo will be made up of the main MasterClass and Conference where CEOs, executives, and investors from the property portal sectors come together to discuss the industry’ future among other important things. So, you have a great opportunity to interact with the industry leaders, gain insights into the real estate industry, learn how to invest, form valuable connections, and learn about the future of property portals.


MIPIM PropTech tech and real estate event is organized by MIPIM and MetaProp NYC. This expo will bring together real estate experts and investors from all sectors to build the future of real estate and take the industry to the next level. It will take place on November 12-13.